Dave Pearce Orchestra


Musical director Dave Pearce has over twelve years' experience teaching brass to all ages - both privately and as part of music hubs - which also included "Wider Opportunities" in schools. Dave is keen to promote big band music to the younger generation, and has teamed up with music hubs across the country in order to achieve this.

A full day's workshop is available to any music hub and schools across the country for their students who play saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, double bass, piano, as well as male and female singers.

A typical workshop will include: the explanation as to what a big band is and how it is comprised, section coaching, a brief history of jazz and big band music, and the opportunity for students to perform with the Dave Pearce Orchestra at the end of the day.

This is an exciting new project and we welcome contact from any music hub or school for more information!


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